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Welcome to FLP Online Training!

The importance of good training cannot be overemphasized.
The knowledge and skills we develop are critical to our success as Independent FLP Distributors.

This site provides access to the basic areas of training for new Distributors. Everything you need to know to start and grow your business is covered: product knowledge; detailed explanations of the marketing plan and incentives; and step-by-step instructions on the "how-to’s" of network marketing. We encourage you to use this site in the best way that suits you. If you are able to meet personally with your newly-sponsored distributors, then you may want to sit down with them and bring the information up on your computer and use it as a visual aid to your training session. If your distributor lives far away, then he can walk through the various modules on his own, and still receive excellent training.

Each module is in PDF format, so it can be used directly from the computer screen, or be printed. The modules are designed to be used in sequence. The first that new Distributors need to use are the Product Manual, and the Business Planner. These are designed to help new Distributors reach the position of Supervisor. At that point, the Supervisor would use the module entitled, Supervisor to Manager, to receive the knowledge and skills necessary to continue the growth of their distributorship to the Manager level. The remaining modules give detailed explanations of the marketing plan, incentives and Company policies. They can be reviewed at any time that may be appropriate in the Distributor’s career development.

The FLP training system has been proven effective for more than a quarter of a century. You may use the material with the confidence that you and your downline distributors will achieve the success they desire by applying the principles and practicing the skills taught. We wish for you all the best as you work to build your Forever Business!

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Interactive Training

If you prefer to download these training modules, feel free to do so here.

  Opportunity Forever
  Getting Started:Fundamentals for success
  Bonus Recaps English
  My FLP Biz Overview
  Eagle Manager English
  Overcoming Objections 2010
  Top Ten Products
  Combo Pak
  New Distributor Orientation English
  2010 FLP Product Manual English
  New Distributor Pricing English
  Marketing Plan 1 English
  Marketing Plan 2 English
  Earned Incentive English
  Profit Sharing English
  Sonya Skin Care English
  Gerente Águila
  Sobrepasando Las Objeciones
  Los Diez Productos Más Populares
  Orientación del Nuevo Distribuidor
  Manual de los Productos 2010
  Combo Pak
  El Precio de Nuevo Distribuidor
  El Plan de Márketing 1
  El Plan de Márketing 2
  El Incentivo Ganado
  Reparto de Útilidades
  Sonya Skin Care Español
  Ξεπερνώντας τις Αντιρρήσεις
  Διάκριση Eagle Manager
  Τα Δέκα Κορυφαία Προϊόντα της Forever
  Προσανατολισμός Νέου Συνεργάτη
  Marketing Plan 1 Greek
  Marketing Plan 2 Greek
  Πρόγραμμα Κινήτρων
  Profit Sharing Greek
  Bonus Recap Greek
  Sonya Skin Care Collection Greek
  Začíname: Základy pro úspěch
  Marketing Plan 1 Czech
  New Distributor Pricing Czech
  OPP Japan (English)
  Opportunity Forever Turkish
  Eagle Manager Turkish
  Overcoming Objections Turkish
  Top 10 Products Turkish
  New Distributor Orientation Turkish
  Marketing Plan 1 Turkish
  Marketing Plan 2 Turkish
  Earned Incentive Turkish
  Profit Share Turkish
  Sonya Skin Care Turkish
  Combo Pak
  Введение для новых дистрибъюторов
  Ценообразование для новых дистрибъюторов
  10 наиболее популярных продуктов
  Преодоление возражений
  Маркетинг План 2010 Часть 1
  Маркетинг План 2010 Часть 2
  Программа поощрительного вознаграждения
  Программа распределения прибыли
  Программа поощрения «Eagle» менеджер
  Косметическая линия «Sonya»
  Začíname: Základy pre úspech
  Marketing Plan 1 Slovak
  New Distributor Pricing Slovak
  Manager Aigle
  Marketing Plan 1 French
  Marketing Plan 2 French
  Tratarea Obiectiilor
  Curs Pentru Noii Distribuitori
  Produsele Forever din Top 10
  Planul de Marketing 1
  Planul de Marketing 2
  Programul Stimulativ de Merit
  Profit Sharing
  Sonya Skin Care Collection
  Marketing Plan 1
  Marketing Plan 2

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Basic Training

Step One:
  Business Planner Polish
Opportunity Presentation Bulgarian
Opportunity Presentation English
Opportunity Presentation Polish
Opportunity Presentation Spanish
Marketing Plan 1 Czech
New Distributor Pricing Czech
New Distributor Pricing Slovak

Advanced Training

  Supervisor to Manager Bulgarian
  Supervisor to Manager English
  Supervisor to Manager Hungarian
  Supervisor to Manager Polish
  Supervisor to Manager Serbian
  Supervisor to Manager Spanish
  Supervisor to Manager Turkish

Specific Training

  Company Policies - Bulgarian
  Company Policies - North America
  Company Policies - Macedonian
  Company Policies - Turkish
  Políticas de la Compañía - Norte América
  Profit Sharing English
  Profit Sharing Spanish

United States

  Withhold Letter Forms English
  Withhold Letter Forms Spanish


  Marketingowy 1 slajd
  Marketingowy 2 slajd
  Product Brochure Bulgarian
  Product Brochure Polish
  Product Brochure Turkish


  Marketing Plan Cambodian
  Product Brochure Cambodia
  Business Planner Cambodia
  Policy Manual Cambodia
  Clean 9 Cambodian
  Opportunity Presentation Cambodia
  June 2011 Newsletter Cambodia

FLP Biz Training

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